Toothbrush Direct - Dental equipment, toothbrushes, toothpaste, normally only available from a dentist

Welcome to Toothbrush Direct the company set up to help you to help yourself when you are away from your Hygienist or Dentist.

At last a company that supplies all of the items that are normally only sold in dental practices we offer a fast service, a no quibble guarantee, and often our prices are less than you have been paying.

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We stock the full range of TePe brushes including all of the TePe Interdental brush and Proximal brush sizes. The entire range of Curaprox brushes are also only a click away.

Suffering from Dry Mouth Syndrome? We stock BioXtra and SST products.

Would you like toothpaste that has no chemicals, or one that contains soothing therapeutic herbs? Then maybe a Aloedent product is for you.

Toothbrush Direct was set up to help Dental Hygienists and Dentists ensure a constant supply of essential items to assist their patients in maintaining a healthy mouth. As such we have served Teaching Hospitals, Maxillo Facial Units, The Dental Defence Agency and many practices. Now we would like to help to look after you.

Introducing the TePe GOOD Toothbrush.
This is the beginning of a GOOD story.

Customer Feedback
May I just say congratulations on your superb service. And just to complete my delight there were two free tubes of Biotene toothpaste. Many many thanks, you can be assured not only of my future business but also that I will recommend you to all my friends.
Ms  L.H.

Customer Feedback
Just to let you know your advice about the Curaprox kit was spot on, I’ll be placing an order for extra brushes in the near future. I tried the Tepe Red but it is just a touch to tight for the gap I have. Thanks for the excellent advice and helpful service I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
Mr. P.M.